Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First you love me thee you don't!

CORRECTION: Your application to attend TEDxMidAtlantic

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Unfortunately, the subject of the email is incorrect and your application was not approved.

I apologize for the confusion... It was my mistake (not Dave's) when sending this batch of emails.

Jim Novak

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 10:18 PM, wrote:

Dear william wingo,
Thank you very much for applying to attend TEDxMidAtlantic.
We sincerely appreciate your interest in the event. We have received far more applications than we are able to approve due to the capacity of our venue. Unfortunately, we were not able to approve your application to attend this first event. This is not any reflection on you but is simply a product the large number of applicants we received, the extraordinary nature of the backgrounds of all of the applicants, and our desire to create a diverse, balanced event. We simply could not accommodate everyone.
The good news? We are already planning next year's event. Get your application in early, or you might even consider being part of our volunteer planning team! Being a TEDxMidAtlantic volunteer is a great way to get plugged into the community and to guarantee your spot at the event.
And there's more good news. A live stream of TEDxMidAtlantic will be available on our website. Feel free to watch the event live and share the link with others.
Even better, all TEDxMidAtlantic presentation videos will be made available online in the weeks after the event, so you can see (and share) all the talks.
So, while we are sorry you will not be able to attend this first event, we welcome you to the TEDxMidAtlantic community and look forward to seeing you at future events.
Lastly, we do intend to fill every seat at this event. If we learn in the next few days that any seats do become free, we will notify applicants on an as-available basis. Stay tuned.
Thanks again for your interest in TEDxMidAtlantic and "Ideas Worth Spreading."
Dave Troy
Curator TEDxMidAtlantic

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sherman Kizart’s Open Letter on NUD « Urban Insite

Sherman Kizart’s Open Letter on NUD « Urban Insite

Praise God!
I want to commend you for your stand and leadership on this matter!
We would like to join you in your efforts to address "No Urban Dictates".
We are a African American magazine publisher to the Faith based community
for over 19 years in the Baltimore & DC area.
Let us know what we can do to help?
May God be with you!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Steve Blank

Steve Blank
excellent piece on faith 2 fact startup process!!
"You start a company on a vision; on a series of Faith-based hypotheses."

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Have Faith in Baltimore!

Praise God!In Response to Mondays, June 1st - "Shootings near Camden Yards" in the Opinion section of the Sun and to address the hysteria surrounding the socalled "crime wave" going on in Baltimore's downtown, I say, “Where is your Faith in God and in our beloved city? Or better still “Don’t believe the hype about Balimore being under attack!Baltimore is a wonderful city and it’s about time that the citizens who worship, work, and live in Baltimore stand for her, and all the good things that we experience everyday!Crime is crime wherever it happens and Baltimore is no different then any other city in the world.As a matter of fact in the Jonestown area (828 E. Baltimore St.) where we have worked for over 10 years publishing our magazine a monthly of church events and local news, we have had some petty crimes and disturbances, as we are down the street from the “Power Plant Live Zone, but that what you would expect form time to time. Also, to address the report of the 1840’s Ballroom on Front St., we have been blessed by the owner who has provided space to have church services on Sunday mornings from 9AM – 12Noon. In canvassing the neighborhood and going throughout the community from Front St on the west to Central Ave on the east and everything in between Lombard and Fayette Sts on Saturdays and during the week we have done so without any fear or apprehension!Baltimore has taken a bad rap, and I’m not sure if it’s political against the Mayor or the Police Commissioner but the citizens who know and love Baltimore have to establish that there is more Good in Baltimore than meets the "eye of the media" or that we have been given credit.To all the Howard Stern’s and the other nay sayers, this is what I say, “Get a grip!”Lets work with those who are helping to make a difference in the area such as: Helping Up Mission and the various men and women homeless shelters, etc, etc, etc.If it’s broke, lets fix it, rather then lock them up, lets prop them up, rather than leave the city that bleeds, let us (the citizens of Baltimore)help make it be the city leads!
"Judge not that ye be not judged." Matthew 7:1
Rev. William WingoPastor, THEPOWERCHURCH
Publisher, The Power Magazine

Monday, June 01, 2009

Maryland Daily Record

Maryland Daily Record 5-22-09
Originally, the BDC selected a partnership between Bethesda-based Magnum and New City Partners, a Pigtown-based developer and home-rehabber, to remake Garrison’s properties. But that partnership split in October, Smith said, when it became clear that New City did not have the finances to contribute to the project. “I was led to believe they were a company that was established, but it turned out they had existed for a short time,” he said. In November, Magnum submitted an unsolicited proposal for the site, which included about 10,000 square feet of mixed-use buildout, including first-floor retail, six upper-floor apartments and an extension of the buildings’ rear side to include a carriage house with more residential units and two parking decks with spots for 30 cars.
The tentative name for the project is Village Mews. New City officials did not return calls seeking comment. Now, Smith said, he has two restaurants, one of them “sit-down Italian style” and the other run by a Federal Hill restaurateur, vying for space on the ground floor, and will probably have a lease signed before he starts the $1 million construction project. When it’s done, Smith said Washington Boulevard will be a “real destination place.”
Bethesda-based developer Marc Smith Washington Boulevard in Pigtown commenting:
“We’ve really held back on the lease, turned down all the churches, the pawn shops and crap like that,” he said. “I think we’re at the crossroads there in Pigtown. We lived through the initial boom of investors coming in. We’ve had a lot of higher-income people come into the community, and to capture that kind of inertia is very important. Every time a property gets boarded up, the neighborhood sort of falls back a little bit.”