Friday, October 28, 2005

If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!

I was sicken to read in today's Baltimore Sun article " Image on blog portrays Steele in minstrel makeup" by reporter David Nitkin, a blogger has depicted Lt.Gov. Michael Steele, who is a African American as Simple Sambo and in "black face" . The blog : uses comments made by Steele related to a Gov. Robert Ehrlich fund-raiser at the all white Elkridge Club country club, in Baltimore city, which for 127 years has NOT had African- American members. First of all if this "black face" had been done by a white person, African Americans would be up in arms about how someone of our race has been stereotyped, but this blogger is African –American, who is making fun of and dis-respecting another African- American, in this case Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. Powerspeaks has been protesting the Elkridge club, so as someone who has been on the frontlines and until recently due to the rain and the rumor that Elkridge has finally admitted a African –American. Powerspeaks must speak out on this issue. First, of all , Lt. Gov. Steele was one of the few policitans who has spoken out as has Gov. Ehrlich that the Elkridge Club should admit African American. Elkridge being a private club has not confirmed it but, rumor has it that it has recently admitted a African-American. The real minstrel show is that our other politicians (local,district wide, as well as those oppposed to Steele ) should have been speaking speak out but have said nothing!
Politics aside Lt. Gov. Steele as a African -American stood up and did speak up! We are proud of him.
For someone to try to discredit Steele in a blog from New York, from out of town, from out of the neighborhood and not knowing the intricacies of the issue is all the more reason that this depiction of our Lt. Gov. should be seen as fake, phony and demeaning to any person and especially a African –American.
Before you come into our town and try to belittle our leadership, whether its black or white.
If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
The REAL minstrel is you and no one has to make up a photo of blogger, Steve Gilliard to prove it.
If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
You have given more people reason to support Steele, than you could imagine. If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
Powerspeaks had been protesting the Elkridge Club for not having African- American members, now we are protesting New York bloggers who think they know what's best for Marylanders and have no clue.
If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
African- American bloggers who see their ownselves in "blackface " and have negative images of themselves and then try to project these images on to other African- Americans are the real Simple Sambo's.
If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lift Every VOICE!

I'm was glad to see the Elkridge Club is still making news in today's Baltimore Sun paper (10-25-05) . Michael Olesker, Sun paper writer raises the issue that Lt. Gov. "Steele needs to find his voice on race issues".
I certainly am thankful that Olesker has VOICED that the Elkridge Club historically hasn't had any African- American members. He compares Lt. Gov. Steele, a African-American as being flippant when responding to the Governor's holding a fundraiser at the all -white private club.
Lt. Gov. "Steele is not the only one who needs to find their VOICE on race issues! The entire Baltimore community and the state of MD needs to find its VOICE! Neither has there been other politicians who has found his or her VOICE and spoken out and especially has there not been any politicians who represent the district where the Elkridge Club is located have made their VOICES heard! Steele and Ehrlich to their credit have at least been the ones publicly to VOICE that Elkridge needs to admit African- Americans after 127 years of being all-white. has been protesting daily this all- white golf club since July.
The VOICE of justice and equality is for everyone- and is not just a race issue (for Steele / African-Americans) but for Jews, Italians, Muslims and Women etc.
Powerspeaks thanks Michael Olesker for being a VOICE in the media to draw attention to the Elkridge Club lack of African- Americans . Powerspeaks will continue to be the VOICE of protest on the streets between Charles & Lake Ave daily until our VOICES is heard!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


To all those who have offered advice and suggestions that we should stop the protest and move on. Maybe you have heard the expression "If you see me (Powerspeaks) and a bear (Elkridge Club) in a fight - help the bear (Elkridge Club). I wish you would call or write the Elkridge Club (the bear) and share with them your help.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Baltimore Sun Interview
Thu, 6 Oct 2005 15:45:01 -0400

Hello, Rev. Wingo:
I've been trying to reach you by phone at your office but have not had any luck. I understand you are under the weather and not in the office. I'm sending a message on the off chance that you are checking e-mail and
feeling up to a quick phone interview about the Elkridge club situation. I am picking up on the matter for David Nitkin.
Hope you are feeling better and hope to hear from you.
Laura Vozzella

I received the above email on yesterday (Thurs), regarding our ongoing protest at the Elkridge Club. Spoke with Ms. Vozzella earlier today(a rainy Friday) for a interview over the phone. First I explained that we don't protest in the rain,so we were not out today on our usual corners of Charles St. & Lake Ave and Charles and Stevenson by the Exxon station.
Yes, the protest is still ongoing and that we will close -up shop shortly if we can CONFIRM that a OAA (Official African American) has been admitted or we will plan to come back in the spring. You can read about our interview in an upcoming Sun paper article probably next week sometime.
The BIG QUESTION or better the BIG MYSTERY is who the OAA (Official African American) is or why won't Elkridge Club let the community know that after 127 years it now has an Official African American member?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Interview w/Syracuse University student

Dear Rev. Wingo, I would just like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this. I believe my mother has already spoken with you over the phone. I am a student at Syracuse University and would like to conduct an interview with you concerning the Elkridge Country Club. This interview is part of a writing assignment and is purely academic. I am still forumulating questions but will have them to you by tomorrow. Although an interview over the phone would be excellent, if this is an inconvenience for you we can do this interview by email. Unfortunately, this assignment is due on Monday, October 3rd so time is an issue. Please email me as soon as possible so we can work out a time that would be convenient for you to answer some questions. Thanks again for your time.Sincerely,Alex Pabst
Interview-Rev. Wingo
Q- How long have you known about this exclusion?
Q- Are there other clubs in the area which are exclusively white that you are targeting? If not, why not?
Q- For example, the Suburban Club whose membership is largely Jewish?
Anwser -Since the Sunpaper reported that the Gov.of Md held a fundraiser there –about 2 mo.ago
We are not looking at any other clubs at this time . We have no firm media announcement that there are other clubs and Powerspeaks is a activist citizen journalism post – we make news happen. If the Suburban club is largely Jewish- are you saying they don’t have African Americans or have never had them in their history?

Q- In your opinion, is our community moving forward in the area of racial diversity and acceptance?
Anwser- Yes, absolutely. African American are definitely moving forward and are not only accepted but we are pace setters!
Q- Is racism as bad as it was 100 years ago in spite of the law?
Anwser- No way! America has ,as well as African Americans have come a long way. We are in the mainstream of all areas of society.
Q- If the club were to admit African American members, what would be the next steps for Powerspeaks?
Anwser - Rumor has it that they have now admitted a African American. Powerspeaks will continue to protest and be a activist movement- looking for the next move of God, after a short vacation.
Q- Have you been able to talk to any members?
Anwser -Several members who would not identify themselves have called to say that They now have a African American. The members have chosen not to talk with Powerspeaks or the Sun
Q- If so, what have you learned?
Anwser - You can check out the blog, my post pretty much express what I have learned.
If you are obedient to what God puts on youre heart the victory is assured.
That those who protest are the real freedom fighters.
Right will always win out.
Q - What do you hope to accomplish with this protest?
Anwser - We have already accomplished our goal. The community knows that Elkridge is a cancer on the community. That 127 years is too long .
Q - Was the black community aware of this exclusion?
Anwser - Yes, it was reported in the Sunpaper. The Lt. Gov. who is black said it was time for Elkridge to admit African Americans. Powerspeaks kept the issue out front and would not let it go away.
Q - Why is this the first time this issue has come to light?
Anwser - It probably isn’t. the timing was right this time . There is a time for everything.


We will end the protest in the next few days,although we have not been able to know who their "official" African American (OAA) member is ? We were told by that there was an (OAA) by anonymous caller and a few drivers who pass the protest on their drive in. Who is this mystery "Official" African American (OAA)member? Why won't he /she come forward? The community deserves to know! Powerspeaks deserves to know!Until that time Elkridge Club is still "NOTOfficial"! Until that time the Protest continues until the "Official African American (OAA) is known!The protest is over when we say its OFFICIAL!