Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Social Networking - Just Got Better!

Yesterday I discovered what I had been searching for in article in the Baltimore Business Journal!

I had attended the Syndicate conference in NY looking for it. I had thought that the Google calendar or the Yahoo calendar, both of which I use would do it. Both Yahoo & Google came close, but close only counts in horseshoes. The genius for a great social networking site is Clarence Wooten of CollectiveX

It does everything any group needs to communicate and stay abreast of events. The great thing I like is that it is ORGANIC! IT GROWS!

Your list of contacts or other groups can exchange information, discuss projects and so much more! I just created site for my church and already I've told 4 people about using it for their ministries or groups!

I must admit that the founder and president Clarence Wooten, is the nephew of my best childhood friend, whose family I've known for many, many years. God Bless!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Blogs & Prayers - We Are Family!

Below is a post made at Robert Scoble's site:

Observe the power of blogs and keep Robert in prayer.

Thanks Robert, for giving the blogosphere a HEART! I'm glad to know you won't be attending the conference, although I had been looking forward to meeting you. You made the right decision NOT to go.There are more important things to do than miss a conference. Your most important being is to be holding and focusing on your MOTHER, the person who gave you LIFE!Finally in closing you will not miss being the conference keynote. God has arranged for your keynote to be made via your blog. Your blog is more than a keynote it is a living testimony to the POWER of blogging, by allowing your many friends to share their love and wisdom with you, when you need it the most. No keynote speech can compare to what you have allowed us to share with you and each other. We are truly a family. Thanks for letting us see the spririt of each blogger in their post. We are more than words,because now we see the flesh and blood and the tears of the BLOGGING. My prayers are with you and your FAMILY. May God continue to strengthen you!