Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Revive Pimlico Middle School!

Letter wiritten to the Editor:
Baltimore Sun
Thanks for enlightening the community (Pimlico is being missed already, Jan.19th) of the plight of Pimlico M.S.
It's time that the citizens of Park Heights and African-American community rise up and protests this school's potential closing. Pimlico M.S. is in one of the richest areas in our city (Northwest Baltimore). This school should be the crown jewel for children in the community. When are we going to stop trading lack of dollars for maintenance and a boiler for the human capital, our children that is not being nourished and empower by this valuable resource? Why are we trying to close and shut down Pimlico M.S. when we should be pouring more money into this community school to fight the neglect and high crime in Park Heights area that is killing so many of our children especially our African American males.What message is the closing of Pimlico going to send to the community? This resource which has been a institution in the community for 50 years with its large fields and play areas should not be lost. A more creative approach needs to be taken to revive Pilmico M.S. just as the community surrounding Pimlico needs reviving! If we can revive a once stagnant Inner Harbor, Canton, Fells Point, etc, why can't we revive Pilmico M.S.?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Hardest Sale is VISION!

below is my response to :
Visionary Sales Person...where are you!??!?!
posted at the Jason Calacanis site:

Oftentimes we think we need money when what is more important is SALESVISION!

I think we should hook up!
I got the sales and you have the tech.
I've been publishing a magazine for 17 years
that was ahead of the curve then and is still ahead of the curve now!
My biggest drawback has been money to go out and hire some tech savvy people to develop the social networking / citizen journalism/ email marketing/ blog,etc; software I need to
develop my niche. (faith based /African American community). I beleive in empowerment
and your empowerment should start with a "base" your so called "ground roots" and expand from there. I beleive whats missing in the above "base"/ niche is the social networking technology that would form the fiber for the collective wisdom to be harness. If you can see the vision of what I am describing then we have a SALE!