Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I love blogging! Unless I have a cause or purpose for blogging like our protest of Elkridge Club in Baltimore,MD which for 127 years hadn't had any African American members until our protest movement: www.powerspeaks.blogspot.com - SPARKED them to accept African Americans. I generally just like to read other people blogs. My favorite and the first blogger I view each morning is Robert Scoble http://scobleizer.wordpress.com/ . In today Jan.3rd post Scoble mentions Evelyn Rodriguez site as the best blog to come across his aggregator this past weekend.
So I link to Evelyn's site and what to my IMMENSE pleasure do I find but one of my comments which I had posted on Scoble's site some time back when he was in Ireland and had met Charles Handy. Here's my comment to Scoble which Evelyn posted: "In a comment by William on Robert Scoble's blog where Charles Handy, a founder of the London Business School, and his storytelling is praised (btw, Scoble has great links to Ernie the Attorney's posts from his Katrina-ravaged home yesterday plus a nice mention of this tsunamianniversary.com project):Thanks so much for sharing with us the wisdom of Charles Handy, I found this quote of his: “It is a time for new imaginings, of windows opening even if some doors close. We need not stumble backwards into the future, casting longing glances at what used to be; we can turn round and face a new reality. It is after all a safer posture if you want to keep moving”I would like to apply the relevance to this quote to the news today regarding the announcement by Mayor Ray Nagin that New Orleans will have the nations first wireless internet service, Overcoming Hurricane Katrina and opposition from cable television and telephone companies. Kudos to Mayor Nagin and the visionary team for new imaginings and having the guts of “not stumbling backwards into the future, casting longing glances at what use to be; but turning round and facing a new reality”.
In 2006 I am looking to face a NEW REALITY, a reality I have never seen before and one in which the interconnection of blogging enables someone like Evelyn who is in Thailand and Scoble in California and me in Maryland can share with one another, and empower one another with knowledge for the mind as well as the spirit. Blogging is the SPARK to make it happen! The blogfire is burning bright!