Thursday, March 30, 2006

Unsatisfactory Customer Service

bestbuy.gifI wrote the below letter to the media contact for Best Buy corporate. I hope I can get some satisfaction on a Toshiba notebook I bought based on reviews by Scoble.

No problem with the Toshiba its just a lack of follow through from the Best Buy customer care and geek squad people. Its been over almost a month and 1/2 and I still don't have my computer, nor has it been fixed. Its under warranty also. The front end looks good but the back end is what keeps bringing customers back!

Below is my letter, not having my computer really has effected my blogging!

bought a Toshiba notebook on 7-9-05 with warrantyguard performance plan. The unit required service on 2-22-06.

the service order # 00149-842125299. The unit was sent back to me w/o any paperwork and nothing was done to the unit and there was not any explanation of what was done by DEX service. The unit was sent back out again and nothing has been done to repair or replace the unit. On yesterday I call the Towson store a a geek supervisor named Marty advised me that the DEX service center said there was a approx $500.00 charge and the unit still had not been serviced.

I was told to call corporate and spoke with several people who passed the buck. Finally I spoke with a helpful person named Marilyn on extension #60392, who advised me that it would be another 5-7 days before any resolution. I have been w/o my computer now for almost 1 1/2 months and my original completion date was 3-5-06.

I used my unit for my blog and for my magazine company.

I have left a message on your voicemail and I hope you can help restore my confidence in Best Buy as we have brought many other computers, tvs, and printers from this store.

I as a customer feels that Best Buy needs some serious support in the customer care area. I look forward to hearing back ASAP.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Suckin up is for Wimps!

Thanks to Scoble's blog I found the following link to Guy Kawasaki's blog post on the art of the suck:

"One of the great misconceptions of selling, pitching, and partnering--basically, any time you want to get someone to do something for you--is that you should suck up to the people with the big titles and “A list” designation. Sometimes you do--as you've already read in this blog, but the ability to suck up to the folks who don't have big titles but make the world run is more useful. "

The above is quoted by Guy Kawaski as the way to get what you want from the common working stiffs or average joe, the non big title people of the world. What a WIMP! Who says you should have to "suck down" or for that matter "suck up" to get anyone do do what you desire, want or should be entitled to as a customer or a self respecting person? The ticket agent who would send you to Paris and your luggage to Australia should be FIRED!

First, of all without having any idea why the customer was so upset, just dealing with anyone who has this agents mentality is dealing with a person who is "damaged goods" and that type of person should not be dealing with the public. Guy you are a great tech guy, but to suck up, suck down, kiss-up or make up for what should be a professional and expected level of service is what makes life HARD for those of us who don't mind paying for good service and expect the best, without GUY"S like you sucking down to get it.

Wake up America, just like there are plenty of customers who are arrogant unpleasant and abusive and they should be dealt with openly by management or for that matter by you / Guy and not have their bad behavior reinforced by the "non-big titles" of the world who do things just as abusive if they don't feel someone isn't suckin down or suckin up.

Finally, sucking up / sucking down should not be the way of getting what you want from life. Who wants to be a sucker for anything or anybody! To hell with bowing and scraping, bucking and jiving, laughing when it ain't funny and scracthing when you don't itch! Demand what you are entitled to or let them kiss your grits!

Friday, March 17, 2006


Hey blog world, friends and foes, its been a long time, but I am back.
I needed a rest from all that activism.
Now I'am ready for new adventure.
I will share with you our direction and the new voice
of Powerspeaks. Stay tuned and thanks for listening!