Sunday, December 04, 2005

Infamous Elkridge Club in National Review

Even after the Elkridge Club has a African American member, it's still
being dragged through the political mud. Lt.Gov. Steeele run for the Senate makes game for the National Review, Dec.05 issue.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Tips for a New Reality" - Bold Leadership in New Orleans !

I posted the below to the comments section over at Robert Scoble's site:

Thanks so much for sharing with us the
wisdom of Charles Handy, I found
this quote of his:
"It is a time for new imaginings, of windows opening even if some doors close. We need not stumble backwards into the future, casting longing glances at what used to be; we can turn round and face a new reality. It is after all a safer posture if you want to keep moving"
I would like to apply the relevance to this quote to
the news today regarding the announcement by
Mayor Ray Nagin that New Orleans will have the
The nations first wireless internet service,
Overcoming opposition from cable television
and telephone companies. Kudos to Mayor
Nagin and visionary team for new imaginings
And having the guts of “not stumbling backwards into the
future, casting longing glances at what use to be;
but turning round and facing a new reality”.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Elkridge Club - Soap Opera!

soap opera
The defining quality of the soap opera form is its seriality. A serial narrative is a story told through a series of individual, narratively linked installments.

The events of the Elkridge Club continue to be Baltimore’s best SOAP OPERA around!
The latest episode is that Lt. Gov. Steele “He got it right, almost the first time” by Laura Vozzella, Sun paper column dated Nov.18th. The Elkridge Club has become a political football game that better than watching the Ravens. The reason that Elkridge is still being used as the “Terrell Owens”of political football is that the other political camps are afraid that the Elkridge incident has or will become the lighten rod for separating Lt. Gov.Steele from the rest of the pack. And It Should! Whether he got it right the “FIRST TIME” really doesn’t matter. The point is Lt. Gov. Steele GOT IT RIGHT! None of the other political movers, shakers and wannabes had a clue that taking a stance on an all white 127 year old country club would be one of the defining issues in the race for the next Governor and Senator. Columns, news threads, discussions and blogs about the Elkridge Club are still going strong, long after the homeless protesters have left the corners Charles St & Lake Ave.
Sunday, July 17th 2005 – ‘Steele call on club to admit blacks! – Baltimore Sun / Maryland
Sunday, July 17th 2005 – Powerspeaks protest begins!
Wednesday. July 20th – Governor encourages Elkridge Club to extend invitation to minorities” – Baltimore Sun / Maryland
Friday, November 11th. 2005 – “Club Admits Black Member” - – Baltimore Sun / Maryland
Lt. Gov. Steele GOT IT RIGHT– He took a position of leadership by calling for change at the Elkridge Club.
Lt. Gov. Steele GOT IT RIGHT– because his political challengers and foes - still haven’t gotten it right!
The longer the Elkridge Club Soap Opera continues (and I hope the ratings go through the roof)the more the voters of Maryland will have opportunity to GET IT RIGHT also!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Oreo's & Elkridge Club - "Get Real!

On its basic level, revisionism - act of revising, or modifying something that already exists.

I got a “anonymous insider” at the Elkridge Club who comments: “That Theo Rodgers was is in the membership process well before you started your effort.” over on the blog site This is the latest Elkridge Club attempt at revisionism. Some people just can’t handle the truth. The POWERSPEAKS protest started in late July just check out the blog. If Theo Rodgers was in the membership process, the Elkridge Club didn’t tell anybody until after the fact in Nov. In the heat of battle, all summer long Elkridge tried to keep their 127 year old lack of African American membership as a PRIVATE inside process when it had already become a PUBLIC media process whereby The Sun paper, POWERSPEAKS and the homeless men who stood for months with protest signs made sure Elkridge stayed in the spotlight of the public scrutiny until it admitted a African American, and not on Elkridge Club terms, which it had a 127 years to do , but on the DEMANDS of the Lt. Gov. Steele, Gov. Ehrlich, POWERSPEAKS, the Sun, and every other citizen of Maryland. The only reason the word token is being referred at Elkridge Club is that it was forced to do what should have been done years ago. The truth does not need need any REVISION! The time for the REVISION comment above “if is true” should have been made known was back in July and the very fact that it is made known now/ REVISED is that Elkridge didn’t tell the whole truth then. So now the Elkridge Club is REVISING its story! The facts are in the public record.(the Sun paper, WMAR and POWERSPEAKS blog) Elkridge Club didn’t get an African American member until November after the process required the community outrage and input. You can’t REVISE the living truth for there are too many eyewitnesses.
So to all the “Johnny come lately REVISIONIST” out there I bristle as does Gov. Ehrlich about the OREO skeptics “get real”.
"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (Jn 8:32)

Friday, November 11, 2005


STREAK: an unbroken series of events

Today marks the OFFICIAL end of the Elkridge Club's STREAK of 127 years as the all white country club in Baltimore without any African American members. Coverage in today’s Baltimore Sun and later on ABC News - Channel 2 (WMAR) confirms a rumor that has been circulating for a couple of months now that Theo Rodgers a local developer had been accepted. It’s good to know that the Elkridge has done the right thing and FINALLY made it public. The POWERSPEAKS protest for a African American member has accomplished its mission.Now let’s hope that the Elkridge Club will start a New STREAK and that there will always be African American members at the club! Thanks Theo for breaking the color barrier. Will this STREAK ending and a new STREAK beginning affect the Governor’s or the Senate race? I guess we will know sometime next year. In the meantime POWERSPEAKS will be looking find another good fight to get in. There's always going to be a STREAK ending or beginning! Right now POWERSPEAKS STREAK is 1-0!

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Elkridge Country Club is a PR nightmare but a Political Strategist Dream!

The Elkridge Country Club is a PR Nightmare but a Political Strategist Dream! Sometime back in early July the all white country club located on N. Charles St. just above Lake Ave in Baltimore hit the radar screen of public awareness BIG TIME when it became known that Republican Gov. Ehrlich had a fund-raiser there. The Elkridge Club at the time had never had any African American members in its 127 year history. LT.Gov. Steele an African-American made light of the fact with a flippant remark that he didn't play golf. Little did the Elkridge Club know at the time that it would become political fodder for both political parties -Democratic and Republican. Gov. Ehrlich catching flak in his race to be reelected and Steele in his race for the Senate. Later, Lt.Gov.Steele did publicly call for the Elkridge Club to admit African Americans and so did Gov. Ehrlich to their credit. NO other politicians said anything, they were all MUM, they did not want to enter the fray or as they say “if you see a good fight get in it”. They kept their mouths shut played it safe!
The reason why the Elkridge Club will not go away is that unknowingly this icon of white privilege and a holdover from segregation days has become pivotal in the race of who will be our next Governor and Senator of Maryland.
A PR nightmare: because the Elkridge Club has never confirmed that it has finally accepted an African American, although rumor has it that it has. It appears that it still wants to operate in a cloak of secrecy about who its members are as it has for 127 years.
A Political Strategist dream: because it presented a defining moment for leadership in both political parties. The Elkridge Club is reported to be made of rich, powerful and elite members of the community. Lt. Gov. Steele challenged these Elkridge members to do the right thing, AND THEY DID rather than try to be safe and not rock the boat.
A PR nightmare: because a NY blogger painted Lt. Gov. Steele in “blackface” thinking Steele didn’t relate to black folk in his response to the Ehrlich fundraiser at the Elkridge Club.
A Political Strategist dream: because of the Elkridge Club incident it has kept Lt.Gov. Steele’s name in the headlines week after week. The other candidates have to have poll results just to get some print.
Who would have thought that the Elkridge Club a symbol of non inclusion for African Americans and of white exclusitivity could now become the catalyst for an African American to be elected as the first African American Senator in MD!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

MAN of Steele

I met Lt.Gov. Steele last night at a grand opening ceremony. I never thought when I protested the Elkridge Club which at the time (July05) did not have any African American members and developed this blogsite: to document the struggle that it would lead to becoming involved in a Senatorial race. I told the Lt. Gov. that I felt he was being unfairly attacked by a blogger who had painted Steele in "blackface". Also, I learned that in yesterday's Washington Times and in today's Baltimore Sun both of which have articles where some African-American Democratic politicians are condoning these racial attacks on Steele by other African- Americans. I was glad to see several leaders Kweisi Mfume a Democrat who is running for the Senate also and Garland O. Williamson, president of the Presidents Roundtable a black business group offer support for Steele and condemn those who have tried to belittle another African-American. It's amazing how Lt.Gov. Steele the object of these attacks will I think prosper from the publicity and garner more support from other Democrats (black & white). First of all, other Democrats, will see the weakness in a Democratic party that can offer no other platform but to attack a MAN of (Steele')(s) character based on his race and then have other African Americans as the culprits. Secondly, with all the hoopla in the media about the Lt. Gov. it will only appear that the race is all about Steele and that the Lt. Gov. is the front runner and the MAN to beat. Surely that appears to be the perception at this point in the race. Lt. Gov. Steele has kept his composure and remains dignified and is letting those who are watching (the voters) decide for themselves who will represents them as the best leader. It not about name-calling and politics as usual. It’s not even about party anymore, since the ability to TRUST all leadership blindly (Democrat or Republican) has proven to be nothing but more POLITICS as usual. I say support a man who as Lt. Gov. told an all white Elkridge country club (when other politicians were silent) THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE AFRICAN- AMERICAN members - and they DID!
I say lets support a man who has said he will fight for AFRICAN - AMERICANS caught up in the prison system- where a disporportionate number of our sons and daughters are!
If you want to attack Steele attack Steele on the ISSUES!
Otherwise “ you thought evil against me: but God meant it unto good” Genesis.50:20

Friday, October 28, 2005

If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!

I was sicken to read in today's Baltimore Sun article " Image on blog portrays Steele in minstrel makeup" by reporter David Nitkin, a blogger has depicted Lt.Gov. Michael Steele, who is a African American as Simple Sambo and in "black face" . The blog : uses comments made by Steele related to a Gov. Robert Ehrlich fund-raiser at the all white Elkridge Club country club, in Baltimore city, which for 127 years has NOT had African- American members. First of all if this "black face" had been done by a white person, African Americans would be up in arms about how someone of our race has been stereotyped, but this blogger is African –American, who is making fun of and dis-respecting another African- American, in this case Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. Powerspeaks has been protesting the Elkridge club, so as someone who has been on the frontlines and until recently due to the rain and the rumor that Elkridge has finally admitted a African –American. Powerspeaks must speak out on this issue. First, of all , Lt. Gov. Steele was one of the few policitans who has spoken out as has Gov. Ehrlich that the Elkridge Club should admit African American. Elkridge being a private club has not confirmed it but, rumor has it that it has recently admitted a African-American. The real minstrel show is that our other politicians (local,district wide, as well as those oppposed to Steele ) should have been speaking speak out but have said nothing!
Politics aside Lt. Gov. Steele as a African -American stood up and did speak up! We are proud of him.
For someone to try to discredit Steele in a blog from New York, from out of town, from out of the neighborhood and not knowing the intricacies of the issue is all the more reason that this depiction of our Lt. Gov. should be seen as fake, phony and demeaning to any person and especially a African –American.
Before you come into our town and try to belittle our leadership, whether its black or white.
If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
The REAL minstrel is you and no one has to make up a photo of blogger, Steve Gilliard to prove it.
If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
You have given more people reason to support Steele, than you could imagine. If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
Powerspeaks had been protesting the Elkridge Club for not having African- American members, now we are protesting New York bloggers who think they know what's best for Marylanders and have no clue.
If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!
African- American bloggers who see their ownselves in "blackface " and have negative images of themselves and then try to project these images on to other African- Americans are the real Simple Sambo's.
If YOU don’t know … YOU better ASK somebody!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lift Every VOICE!

I'm was glad to see the Elkridge Club is still making news in today's Baltimore Sun paper (10-25-05) . Michael Olesker, Sun paper writer raises the issue that Lt. Gov. "Steele needs to find his voice on race issues".
I certainly am thankful that Olesker has VOICED that the Elkridge Club historically hasn't had any African- American members. He compares Lt. Gov. Steele, a African-American as being flippant when responding to the Governor's holding a fundraiser at the all -white private club.
Lt. Gov. "Steele is not the only one who needs to find their VOICE on race issues! The entire Baltimore community and the state of MD needs to find its VOICE! Neither has there been other politicians who has found his or her VOICE and spoken out and especially has there not been any politicians who represent the district where the Elkridge Club is located have made their VOICES heard! Steele and Ehrlich to their credit have at least been the ones publicly to VOICE that Elkridge needs to admit African- Americans after 127 years of being all-white. has been protesting daily this all- white golf club since July.
The VOICE of justice and equality is for everyone- and is not just a race issue (for Steele / African-Americans) but for Jews, Italians, Muslims and Women etc.
Powerspeaks thanks Michael Olesker for being a VOICE in the media to draw attention to the Elkridge Club lack of African- Americans . Powerspeaks will continue to be the VOICE of protest on the streets between Charles & Lake Ave daily until our VOICES is heard!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


To all those who have offered advice and suggestions that we should stop the protest and move on. Maybe you have heard the expression "If you see me (Powerspeaks) and a bear (Elkridge Club) in a fight - help the bear (Elkridge Club). I wish you would call or write the Elkridge Club (the bear) and share with them your help.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Baltimore Sun Interview
Thu, 6 Oct 2005 15:45:01 -0400

Hello, Rev. Wingo:
I've been trying to reach you by phone at your office but have not had any luck. I understand you are under the weather and not in the office. I'm sending a message on the off chance that you are checking e-mail and
feeling up to a quick phone interview about the Elkridge club situation. I am picking up on the matter for David Nitkin.
Hope you are feeling better and hope to hear from you.
Laura Vozzella

I received the above email on yesterday (Thurs), regarding our ongoing protest at the Elkridge Club. Spoke with Ms. Vozzella earlier today(a rainy Friday) for a interview over the phone. First I explained that we don't protest in the rain,so we were not out today on our usual corners of Charles St. & Lake Ave and Charles and Stevenson by the Exxon station.
Yes, the protest is still ongoing and that we will close -up shop shortly if we can CONFIRM that a OAA (Official African American) has been admitted or we will plan to come back in the spring. You can read about our interview in an upcoming Sun paper article probably next week sometime.
The BIG QUESTION or better the BIG MYSTERY is who the OAA (Official African American) is or why won't Elkridge Club let the community know that after 127 years it now has an Official African American member?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Interview w/Syracuse University student

Dear Rev. Wingo, I would just like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this. I believe my mother has already spoken with you over the phone. I am a student at Syracuse University and would like to conduct an interview with you concerning the Elkridge Country Club. This interview is part of a writing assignment and is purely academic. I am still forumulating questions but will have them to you by tomorrow. Although an interview over the phone would be excellent, if this is an inconvenience for you we can do this interview by email. Unfortunately, this assignment is due on Monday, October 3rd so time is an issue. Please email me as soon as possible so we can work out a time that would be convenient for you to answer some questions. Thanks again for your time.Sincerely,Alex Pabst
Interview-Rev. Wingo
Q- How long have you known about this exclusion?
Q- Are there other clubs in the area which are exclusively white that you are targeting? If not, why not?
Q- For example, the Suburban Club whose membership is largely Jewish?
Anwser -Since the Sunpaper reported that the Gov.of Md held a fundraiser there –about 2 mo.ago
We are not looking at any other clubs at this time . We have no firm media announcement that there are other clubs and Powerspeaks is a activist citizen journalism post – we make news happen. If the Suburban club is largely Jewish- are you saying they don’t have African Americans or have never had them in their history?

Q- In your opinion, is our community moving forward in the area of racial diversity and acceptance?
Anwser- Yes, absolutely. African American are definitely moving forward and are not only accepted but we are pace setters!
Q- Is racism as bad as it was 100 years ago in spite of the law?
Anwser- No way! America has ,as well as African Americans have come a long way. We are in the mainstream of all areas of society.
Q- If the club were to admit African American members, what would be the next steps for Powerspeaks?
Anwser - Rumor has it that they have now admitted a African American. Powerspeaks will continue to protest and be a activist movement- looking for the next move of God, after a short vacation.
Q- Have you been able to talk to any members?
Anwser -Several members who would not identify themselves have called to say that They now have a African American. The members have chosen not to talk with Powerspeaks or the Sun
Q- If so, what have you learned?
Anwser - You can check out the blog, my post pretty much express what I have learned.
If you are obedient to what God puts on youre heart the victory is assured.
That those who protest are the real freedom fighters.
Right will always win out.
Q - What do you hope to accomplish with this protest?
Anwser - We have already accomplished our goal. The community knows that Elkridge is a cancer on the community. That 127 years is too long .
Q - Was the black community aware of this exclusion?
Anwser - Yes, it was reported in the Sunpaper. The Lt. Gov. who is black said it was time for Elkridge to admit African Americans. Powerspeaks kept the issue out front and would not let it go away.
Q - Why is this the first time this issue has come to light?
Anwser - It probably isn’t. the timing was right this time . There is a time for everything.


We will end the protest in the next few days,although we have not been able to know who their "official" African American (OAA) member is ? We were told by that there was an (OAA) by anonymous caller and a few drivers who pass the protest on their drive in. Who is this mystery "Official" African American (OAA)member? Why won't he /she come forward? The community deserves to know! Powerspeaks deserves to know!Until that time Elkridge Club is still "NOTOfficial"! Until that time the Protest continues until the "Official African American (OAA) is known!The protest is over when we say its OFFICIAL!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Thanks BLUE VOLVO & Politicians

Get Up Stand Up! Change Will Come! End Racism in 2005! I'm With You All The Way!!!PeaceLoveJoy --Posted by Blue Volvo

The above comment expresses the euthusium that fuels
POWERSPEAKS fire for change!Thanks for the horns toots BLUE VOLVO!
Change has come to the Elridge Club!
Change to have accept a African-American as a member. (although its not "OFFICIAL" yet)
Also, in today's Sun paper(9-27-05)
"Letters to the Editor"
there is a interesting take from writer in a letter called "Changing approach to Political stories" which mentions the Elkridge Club. I think the writer misses the point on the Sun's coverage, which first broke the story on Elkridge's lack of African - Americans. Gov. Ehrlich and especially, Lt. Gov. Steele who later spoke out against the Elkridge Club; should be commended since they were the only politicians to say that Elkridge should have African - Americans. Where were the other politico' who represent that district and who had nothing to say and who avoided the fight to SPEAK UP for inclusion?
Will the real politicians, please GET UP & STAND UP! Thanks Blue Volvo for the encouragement!

Anonymous Caller Speaks- it's OFFICIAL!

adj 1: having official authority or sanction; "official permission"; "an official representative" 2: of or relating to an office; "official privileges" 3: verified officially; "the election returns are now official" 4: conforming to set usage, procedure, or discipline; "in prescribed order" 2: someone who administers the rules of a game or sport; "the golfer asked for an official who could give him a ruling"
Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University

Just got a anonymous caller who claims to be a member of Elkridge Club who says that there is now "official" African - American member who has been admitted.
Well, I'm glad to see that diversity has come to a country club that for a 127 years, had no African Americans.
It about time!
I will still wait until its "OFFICIAL".
Its been 2 months since we started this protest for inclusion of African-Americans and we suggest that the Elkridge Club members make calls to Gov. Ehrlich, Lt.Gov. Steele, Mayor O'Malley, The Baltimore Sun, and let the citizens of Maryland know that its "OFFICIAL" Elkridge Club is a good corporate citizen. That our elected "Officials" can be seen there w/o being embarrassed. Thanks Elkridge for doing the right thing
and becoming "OFFICIAL" in African American community!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." Robert F. Kennedy

Change is in the air. We pray that change effects the Elkridge Club. We will hopefully have some new signs on Monday. We are still getting MOBTOWN"S goat.
He the driver with the Mobtown license tag who has made racist comments and drives off .
Power was represented and in the house over at JHU for Cindy Sheehan to protest the Iraq war and bring the troops home. It was a truly conscious raising experience. The key point, I left with is that " PEOPLE" / one person / one small ripple can effect CHANGE!

PS:There will be a mass PEACE rally in DC on the Mall this coming Saturday, if anyone can make it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


We have been told that FINALLY the Elkridge Club has a African-American member. Hooray & Praise the Lord!
Several people have stopped an said so, although its UNofficial yet, I'm sure Elkridge will find a way to let the media know. I going to let the Sun paper know as they were the first newpaper to break the story. I'm sure the Sun has the wherewithal to confirm if its true or not.
If it is I guess we will have to find a another cause for POWERSPEAKS to address.
I heading over to John Hopkins Univ. to hear Cindy Sheehan ( the peace Mom) speak on bringing the troops home from Iraq. I wonder if some of the same people who support the Elkridge Club having African- American members after 127 years , support bring the troops home?
Finally the private high school in the Charles St. area wants to do a story on the protest and get some comments for the school paper. It's good when we can feed our young. There's HOPE for America yet!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Had a GREAT conversation and follow up comment (click & view comments below earlier today) from a student (you are to be commended for being Brave enough to post your email) at a private school in the area who walks by the protest everyday. She's been chosen as a intern at a local radio station WYPR (thank God for progressive radio - no pun intended) to do a paper on existing racism in Baltimore. Guess who she choose? PowerSpeaks of course!
I very excited that our protest/ cause is making a impact on our younger generation. I hope during the
interview we can help the older generation and specifically the Elkridge Club members will understand that inclusion and diversity is a "GOOD THING" When you start a protest to make change to a country club that has NEVER had any African-Americans as members in its 127 years of existence and its located in a city that's over 60% black and the Gov., Lt.Gov., and Mayor will not attend events at your club, then its time the perception and membership changes whether its racist or not! THAT'S A GOOD THING!
PS: We pray also that our rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Protest is never corrupted or tampered with by anyone. Too many good men and women of all races died for our freedoms.We will not back down.
God Bless, America!


Melodysaid... Just wondering: why do you guys stand at Charles and Lake, anyway? Wouldn't you garner more support in areas that were more black - like Baltimore City? I mean, why choose Baltimore County, which has a significantly lower black population? I always pass you guys on my way to school and want to ask. 11:02 PM
Melody said... Oh, and I support you guys, I didn't mean to sound hostile. I just wonder why I don't see people closer to where I live (in Balto. City).

PowerSpeaks responds…
Thanks Melody for the inquiry and we appreciate your support!
We are protesting the Elkridge Club, which is located between Charles & Lake to
Charles & Stevenson by the Exxon station. The Elkridge Club has NO African- American members in its 127 year history. We wanted to keep the community
aware of how progress still needs to be made. We want to let that Charles st.
community know that Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich will not play golf there because
Elkridge has no African Americans, as well as the Lt. Gov, or Mayor O’Malley.
If you have any suggestions let us know?
We are planning a “meet-up” of all our supporters soon. Let me are you interested?

Thursday, September 08, 2005


The below post was drafted on August 20th,05 and I did not run it until today when it happened again.
We got some guy with MOBTOWN on his license plate who's been driving by harassing the the guys with the F word and the N word. I guess that's his mentality. Just shows you how much people think that words can hurt you and I guess that they can. What if someone were to refer to his enthic group, how would they feel. They don't understand that the words cut both ways.
Mobtown should know that he condemns himself.
Finally MOBTOWN we just might get some signs protesting what a RACIST the guy with MOBTOWN on his license plate is.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Shame: dishonor or disgrace, something regrettable, unfortunate. websters new world dictionary

The Baltimore Sun ( Tuesday, Sept.6th,05 - Maryland section - pg.2B) has a article regarding the Gilman School class of 1975 (which includes Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich) changing the their golf outing from
the Elkridge Club to another location. The Elkridge Club according to the Sun has never had any African- American members in it 127 year history.
The club has strong ties to Gilman and several of Gilman's trustees are members at Elkridge Club.
"AIN'T IT A SHAME" that the Govenor of the great state of Maryland cannot play golf at the Elkridge Club because it would SHAME his leadership. I commend the Gov. for doing the right thing! I challenge the
Gilman trustees to be follow the Gov. lead and not bring SHAME to Gilman. The Gilman trustees have the power to help remove the stigma from Elkridge for its lack of African-Americans. How many more events will Elkridge have to be cancel? Why is Elkridge so stuck in the past? Don't they see it's PAST TIME for African- American members?
The Gov. and all our other elected officials should be able to attend any event in Maryland without being SHAME of being caught!
SHAME on Elkridge Club for making the the Gov. feel SHAME about where he can go and who he can be seen with!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Today a car with 3 white guys threw a piece of metal and hit one of my men in the head as we were protesting on the corner of Lake Ave & Charles St. they did so from the safety of their car and sped off. They are COWARDS! They need to thank God they had the light and we could not get the license number or better yet that we couldn't get our hands on them. They are COWARDS!
Anyone who can give you the finger or yell a racial remark from the safety of their car and then make a run for it is a COWARD! Be a man challenge us face to face.
We put our bodies on the line, we stand on the corner
and take critisim from people who challenge our cause
from the safety of their cars or who want to be anonymous on the web with their comments.
You got my name and my 800-336-3290 number
you can meet us one on one if you are man enough. AN NOT A COWARD! We live in a culture of violence - physically and spiritually. It's time that the mindset that thinks they can abuse people and get away with it ends.
It's time that the mob mentality ends ! The pack mentality ends! That our weapons are bigger and stronger , that there is more of us, that we can fight from afar. We will not be denied our rights... by COWARDS!
PS: CURIOUS OBSERVER - Thanks for the support!
Give me a call , we will be having a MEET-UP gathering
of supporters soon to plan our next move and other projects. Feel free to call, YOU may have some great ideas!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


what wonderful insights one can get from protesting.
1) there is an incredible amount energy that comes from the encouragement that people show and realizing their encouragement keeps you smiling in the heat and staying committed to the cause.
2) protesting provides good meditation time - you can really get to hum ... some or tune or just AMEM over and over again, also you think on a thought or two, and realize how BLESSED you are just to be able to be involved in something one believes in and knowing you have the FREEDOM to protest if you want to

3) Protesting allows you to come out of your shell, it forces you to interact with people and you better be up for it - even the good and the bad!
Overall and all things considered, everyone you join a protest or start a protest and be passionate about something before you leave this place called earth. Whether your views are Pro or Con you were put here to make this world a better place. You must stand for something, at some time in your journey. Life is too short - not to let your POWERSPEAK!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


POWERSPEAKS - SPECIAL ATTENTION to JOHN G. HEAGY - I decided to make my response to your comments (click comments to view) into a post. Appreciate your patience! I really don't have time for answering every comment and some of the comments are just not worth it. I try to stay focus on the issue by posting to the main post all positive up-dates. That way the blog is not about ME, but about the ISSUE of Elkridge Club lack of African American members. I enjoy responding to your opinions. You got my
1- Reasons why we are having a Elkridge Club protest AND your wanting to protest a African American club. The Elkridge Club history dates back to a period in time when African Americans were denied the freedom to be apart of any aspect of American society. We have dealt with "whites only" exclusion, from lunch counters to water foundations to bathrooms, and to which section of the bus we can sit in. It is from this historical perspective of being DENIED ACCESS is what the POWERSPEAKS protest is all about. The Elkridge Club in a time past (1878) when a black person would have not even been considered eligible to become a member because of the racism AT THAT TIME has NOT advanced for whatever reason to have African Americans as members. (Although they keep bringing up a prominent African American who declined. Default doesn't count or change anything) Even today when African Americans have broken down barriers at the private schools in the area that at one time had no blacks- CHANGE HAS COME! to the neighborhoods in that area were segregated AT ONE TIME and had no blacks - CHANGE HAS COME! the area now is diverse, inclusive and African Americans are FREE enough that if we want to we can protest a golf course that has not had any African American members in it 127 years existence. Until recently WOMEN were restricted also! According to the club's website:
it was not until 1995 that all gender restrictions were removed from the by-laws and not until 1996 that the first women was elected to membership. It was only this year on Jan.1st,2005 that all gender based membership was elimated, and all spouses of members became members themselves" . Even women were treated as 2nd class citizen during the Elkridge Club history just like they were in apart of American history. WOMEN SHOULD BE 100% supportive of our protest and especially the WOMEN WHO BELONG TO Elkridge Club and were JUST RECENTLY ALLOWED MEMBERSHIP! Where are you?
2- The homeless people who get paid a donation ($15)for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s better than standing on a corner begging. You are welcome to talk with any of my homeless crew about their sense of purpose - just stop your car - get out and talk to us if you really want to KNOW what we are about. They express a sense of empowerment working from such a lowly position (homeless -as perceive by others) protesting such an exclusive club in which no African American members belong. Being African American the homeless feel a sense of "chutzpah" (sass, moxy; nerve, gall ) for what others see as the audacity to protest an exclusive country club. IF you take wealth out of equation and look at people as human beings rather than (homeless) you would realize that but fore the grace of GOD go YOU or I. I remember the jeering, taunting, and the poking fun and a lot worst, I might add, that the protesters in the sixties endured and now through this electronic medium of blogs here in 21st century those of that same mind set can do the same today. You deserve special attention, you got my attention, pay attention... IF THIS IS THE PRICE OF PROGRESS, that we have to pay to bring the Elkridge Club into the 21st century THEN ITS ALREADY BEEN PAID IN FULL! THE PROTEST WILL CONTINUE, WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN or COME DOWN OFF THIS WALL!

PS: I know this response will not satisfy those who are HATERS & BAITERS, or anything response I make, but your comments are welcome and will be answered (if time allows) as long as we stick to the ISSUE and keep it civil!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Out on the street today with the crew. It's good to be where the real action is. I love smiling at all the drivers and showing my passion for a GOOD cause, and especially answering the questions. The overwhelming responses have been fantastic! We are picking up support and people are really behind us: the thumbs -ups, smiles, horn honks, and waves, etc are the supportive ways in which people have been acknowledging the protest on their morning drive and letting us know that we have tremendous support behind us. I had about 5 -6 people who are ready for a "meet-up" to plan other forms of action. THE MOVEMENT IS GROWING! The idea is to make POWERSPEAKS not a one-issue cause. I have received many suggested causes and issues that require POWERSPEAKS attention. We also need to get more signs that have specific information about the Elkridge Club lack of African American members. I want to thank Mr. Armand Girard who lives in the area, for stopping to talk and offering the suggestion of contacting certain African Americans to apply for membership. We also, get comments from people who want to use this blog to insult me (idiot, imbecile, etc, and I will leave up their comments for reference and examples of what NOT to post in the future.. you know who you are!) rather than address the CAUSE/ PROTEST/RALLY/ and the CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING that POWERSPEAKS is addressing at the Elkridge Club. I have created a forum for everyone to engage in and whereby you can express your disagreements in a civil manner and I welcome all WHO CAN DO SO, BUT if you cannot do so decently, I will take your comments DOWN! Be WARNED I will not permit THEM! The will be THRASHED! You will be put out of the blog. You can go get your own blog for your rants.
" the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." -- Job 1: 20-21 (KJV)

Monday, August 01, 2005


African Americans COULD NOT join the Elkridge Club (127 years w/o any Black members) during the many years of our struggle to be apart of American society. Just like we couldn't go to and were excluded from many of the private schools and neighborhoods in the area. Today we not only attend and have access to these schools and neighborhoods but the laws of the land (Equal opportunity) and consciousness of the entire community has changed, because they have realized that it is no longer acceptable or desirable- with the EXCEPTION being the Elkridge Club!
Our highest state and local officials know and have stated that the Elkridge Club has not evolved with the times and has gotten stuck in its exclusivity and non- inclusion of African Americans as members. It could have CHANGED internally but it didn't. NOW we call for CHANGE EXTERNALLY! Whoever sits on the Board of the Elkridge Club and is in a leadership position needs to step up to the plate and find and or develop some methods of having African Americans as members TODAY! If they need some help they can call me. We cannot let another year go by without breaking down the mindset that African American have not had membership (in 127 years) and it is long overdue. There is a time to everything. The time for the Elkridge Club to have African Americans as members has COME! You may agreed or disagreed with my methods and solutions to try to bring about this CHANGE as various comments have shown. This is a matter of principle and if you don't agreed with the principle reason, you can go to HELL!
PS:Scoble, a west coast Microsoft blogger
has asked how to handle comments in this new blog medium. I say stay FOCUS on why you started the blog - stay true to the MISSION - stay true to your VOICE!

Friday, July 29, 2005


People are calling trying to find ways to help! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Suggestions include: petitions, a walkathon, calling the club, accepting donations, getting organizations, i.e. frats, civic, clubs, etc. I'm working on a solution. I believe that we need better ways for people to respond to causes and I know that blogs such as this offer involvement, but trying to take it to the next level of participation for our supporters is challenging. Just got a call from John who says he's Italian and says he been to the club as a guest and found it boring. He also said that there might be some others clubs in the area that don't have African Americans. I hope they take notice that being exclusive of African American is damaging and sends the wrong message in 2005 (esp.none after 127 yrs).
If you would like to get to know me better check out last Sundays SUN - MD section, pg.3b,and why we are demanding African American membership at the Elkridge Club after 127 years. I would be pleased have a MEET-UP with the FRIENDS of POWERSPEAKS or you haters and baiters at the Starbucks on N.Charles St. across from the Elkridge Club from 7:00am - 8:00am. Let me know when you can make it, the coffee is on me. PS:SIGNHATERS - maybe you should slow down, relax and enjoy seeing our freedom of expression - the SIGNS are only at the traffic lights so YOU can read them when you STOP. The only people that seem to have a problem with the SIGNS are the same people who have a problem with the SIGNS are saying. But if you support the protest and have any other signage we can use call me or better yet let’s MEET-UP!
See you Monday - same place (N. Charles St. betw LAke Ave & Stevenson) same time ( 7am -9am)! SIGN ME UP!
ENDNOTE:check out my comments over on he appears to be a local who picked up on the SUN article and got all wrong.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Put work in yesterday with the crew on the corner of Charles & Lake ave. you don't know what freedom is until you get off your butt and do something. I can only just begin to appreciate what Dr. King and others who marched and rallied went through. They paid the price for POWERSPEAKS to do what were doing now. So I'm challenging anybody that ready willing and able to come join us. It's an enlightening experience so if you missed out on the protest rallies of the 60's , now is your chance to be an American by standing up for what you believe in.
People are very responsive to our protest of the Elkridge Club which has NO BLACK MEMBERS and we received numerous thumbs up, hand waves, and horn toots.
along with 1-2 fingers from people who wait until traffic is moving and they are going past you.
Got a call from a radio show host about coming on the Final Analysis, 1010AM I'll let you know
when it will be broadcasted/ aired.
Finally we are working on getting some t-shirts made. we can defray some of our cost that way, allows our supporters a way of helping and still get the message out. Don’t you just love America!
It’s heating up (99 in the shade), we are on the move and we don't feel no ways tired!

Monday, July 25, 2005


To all my haters & baiters, I will leave your comments posted it allows others to see your views. That you can disagree or belittle where I'm coming from.
I welcome your views. You can always pick up your marbles and go home if you think your argument is not winning. This is not a game for me I'm playing for keeps. so IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE LOVE...


Praise God!
Its been a EXCELLENT weekend! First off I want to thank David Nitkin, the political reporter for the Baltimore Sun for doing a fine job of having me and the POWERSPEAKS protest in as their NEWSMAKER in the Maryland section of Sunday's July 24th edition.
It's good to have news media support for your cause.
It was an EXCELLENT day on Saturday.
Took some what of a break and attended Artscape. I help the Millions More Movement rally pass out flyers for the up coming Oct. 16th celebration of the Million Man March, in Washington, DC. Spent time with my 19 year old daughter who’s in college. We enjoyed the Artscape crowd; the music, the food, and seeing Baltimore celebrate its art and culture.
Church was EXCELLENT on Sunday; we had a good crowd for our small Chestnut Grove AME congregation , even with many away on vacation. Preached from Psalm 8, O'Lord, Our Lord how EXCELLENT is thy name in all the earth.
It rained earlier this morning Monday and the POWERSPEAKS crew was one man short, but we went out anyway, now the sun is shining, so are we and we're still on point.
There are so many areas to be EXCELLENT in our lives I hope you can find them.Remember it will only be God to grade your report card! Make sure you get that E!

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Some people just don't get it... so to all you
HATERS & BAITERS who sent in ANONYMOUS negative comments and calls regarding the protest.
You can view the HATERS & BAITERS (see comments) they have all been signed by ANONYMOUS who appears to be the same individual or (s).
Heres my response:
If you don't like our protest- I challenge you to come out of HIDING and start your own protest and meet us at the Elkridge Club and have your own signs about why a private club in Baltimore city which is over 60% black has not had any African American members in its 127 year history!
Come and take on the Governor, Lt. Governor, Mayor, and PowerSpeaks, all who are (NOT ANONYMOUS) and who are calling for the Elkridge Club to be inclusive to African Americans in its membership.
Stop signing in as ANONYMOUS! Come out of hiding -put your HATE where your ANONYMOUS mouth is!
THE ELKRIDGE CLUB IS NO LONGER ANONYMOUS! The Elkridge Club membership that doesn’t have any African Americans is no longer ANONYMOUS! I call upon the the Elkridge members who (NO LONGER WANT TO BE ANONYMOUS) and know that it is PAST TIME for African American membership - to speak up, open up, and fess up that they WILL and that they KNOW it time to DO THE RIGHT THING!. The HATERS & BAITERS will try to make it into a race issue. Don't let them! This is about being culturally sensitive, culturally aware, community -minded, diversity conscious, that your lack of African American membership for 127 years from 1878 - 2005, from then until now, the time has come for it to be OVER!
African Americans were the ones who have had 2 class citizenship and were not able to be members even if we had the ($37,000 membership fee- by anonymous source- smile) during ANY of the years of Elkridge Club history! Some African Americans got the money.
If you have any Muslims or Jews as members they should be the first to speak up for what’s RIGHT and if you don't then POWERSPEAKS for inclusion for everybody!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


You should take the money you are
spending on this project and try
to make efforts to solve some of the more pressing problems in the
black community. We are killing
each other at alarming rates, our
schools are failing and our families have fallen apart over the
years because fathers are no longer
willing to take care of their responsibilities. That is one
reason that churches are failing
to attract new members because people like you are more concerned
about integrating a club that most blacks could not afford to join because of the high membership fees. Think seriously about working to solve the real problems in the black community. Wake Up.

Posted by Unknown to POWERSPEAKS at 7/21/2005 08:08:33 AM

Thanks for taking the time to voice your comments. We realize there is much to be done in the African American community as you point out above. My comment to you that there is more than one way to skin the cat (of racism) and just because you don't see or understand the way I'm skinning this one , doesn't mean I'm not skinning others . God showed me this cat (Elkridge Club w/ no black members) and I'm gonna skin it whether you or anyone else likes it or not!
Judge not lest you be judged!
In a message dated 7/21/2005 8:25:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Maybe you should the $6 and the homeless people go downtown and clean that dump up of all the trash along Harford Road and other areas. Who cares who belongs to a club!

Posted by Anonymous to POWERSPEAKS at 7/21/2005 08:25:01 AM

Thanks for the suggestion. I would suggest to you that if that's
a area of concern to you I'll be glad to help you do something about it, when do we start.
Those who have a history of being left out- because of the color of our skin care, because we are black and those wounds are sensitive to being excluded CARE!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Got a call from a reporter, at the Sun by the name
of David Nitkin for a article in tomorrow's paper.
There was also someone from the paper taking photo's of the crew this morning.
He provided some interesting information on the Elkridge Club and I hope the piece will help us get some volunteers and supporters to help with the protest who are capable of DONATING their time to help a cause whose time has come. Our BIG break!
I wonder if this is what Dan Gillmor
had in mind regarding make your own news?


Praise God!
we got the signs. they are fantastic!
i now have 4 guys from the shelter helping me hold up the signs. we need volunteers so we can stay longer. it was interesting seeing that the morning Sun paper had 2 articles on the Elkridge club on Charles st. one had Gov. Ehrlich saying that he supports having African Americans becoming members. I'm glad to se our state's highest official publicly announcing his position. also, an African American columnist -citizen Kane put his 2 cents in and tried to make a case that the Congressional Black Caucus doesn’t have any white members. why try to compare apples to oranges? some people just don't get it that 127 years is too long for blacks to be excluded- rejected - not have the right connections - or what ever else they try to justify as reasons for our denial. well, not in the Balto. city- not in 2005 - we won't rest until our mission is accomplished! we won't rest until we resurrect Fanny Lou Hammer, Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglas, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and all the Freedom fighters who died to make this country and our people included and not excluded! what are the other politicians who represent the state and that district specifically waiting for? are they truly leaders or are they waiting until it is politically correct to get involved?
i talked with a leading African American pastor yesterday, who is a perfect candidate for membership. I' m going to find out what the procedure is for joining. Someone needs to break the color barrier. this is ridiculous in 2005!

Monday, July 18, 2005


Interesting day! i now know that nothing is impossible with God! first of all it was not until nearly 1am that i emailed kinko's with the the signs i needed made the below information:





you really need good point size to be effective and a 3x5 sign is too small to make a impact for drivers in cars to see. i'm getting 4x8 signs made. they just won't be ready until tomorrow afternoon.
i had planned on using some homeless people who have camped out at the intersection of the Jones falls expresswayand Fayette St on a church lawn. they seemed like the perfect group and i assumed they would be eager to work. so i went to the square at about 10pm last night and spoke with several guys in various stages of undress due to the humid conditions herein Baltimore the last few days. they assured me that they would be ready at 6am to go and stand on the corner of charles st. where the Elkridge Club is located. so i thought everything was good to go! little did i know that it takes 24 hours for kinkos to do a sign and then they want to charge for rush so my protest revelation assignment can be expensive!
to make a long story short at 6am i had pickuped the signs and headed for downtown o pick -up my
homeless sign holders. as i approached the square
only one soul was stirring and he had a Jamaican accent and was smoking a joint taking to himself. i kept moving forward until i saw the guys from the night before who were all asleep and snoring. this was not what i had in mind!
i knew then that God couldn't use those that had grown comfortable in being homeless. i then remembered that there was a men's shelter two blocks up from my office. I saw 4 guys walking down the street as they have to leave the shelter each morning by 6am.
i asked them did they want to work and 3 said yes. they were sober and eager for a opportunity. so we agreed on 6 dollars a hour and each man worked about 21/2 hours. (OR A $15.00-DONATION- ENOUGH FOR ($5)BREAKFAST,($5)LUNCH & ($5) DINNER , they did a good job overall!
they said someone from former mayor Donald Shaefer office who is now the controller for the state came by and gave them water. a lady from the neighborhood association asked a few questions, various people stopped their cars wanted to make donations
and a few negro's got mad and wanted to know why we
wanted to be out with them white folks if they didn't want us, and finally a few people had the nerve to ask these guys who were obviously dressed in homeless "urban" if they were golfers . after sharing these comments we all went and had breakfast and i dropped them back downtown.
tomorrow we'll try again , i just need bigger signs!

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Its time to start the march protest rally !
127 years is long enough for The Elkridge Club in Baltimore, MD to not have a African American member.

Tomorrow at 7am we will be on Charles St.

Friday, July 01, 2005

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