Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Iphone EMOTIONS!!!

My Emotions from a post by Scoble on the Iphone.
I just activated my Iphone last night and it has frozen up on me my EMOTIONis where is the battery to shut down and it is running HOT in my pocket?The sliding, brushing stroking, pokingadjectives which she uses give me the EMOTION that she is hard up for a real live personal relationship rather than getting off on a gadget or a game. I am unsure which psychologist, but certainly not Freud would agree with me. Anyway I am on my way to the Apple store to return my Iphone.My 1st EMOTION is that the Iphone is a over hyped toy. Apple makes great computers and that they should stick with what they know and leave the phone guys alone now that they have woke the sleeping giants up. My EMOTIONS tell me to go and stroke my MAC which makes me feel "warm & fuzzy".Have a Nice Day!