Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shame on CNN'S Lou Dobbs & others fearing OBAMA truth!

Just watched lou dobbs on cnn and other mainstream media who just don't get it that OBAMA represents a new day in American politics, they just don' get it. To make matters worse they don't get it that they are trying to create fear in the American people by trying to paint OBAMA as a reverse racist. Remember this is the same "mainstream media" that help keep Bush in office for 2 terms , that hailed the war in Iraq, that was a day late and a dollar short on the economy and now these same news analyst are now trying to CONvice the American people they know what's wrong with OBAMA and what's best for the rest of us? Please don't tell the rest of America who hears what OBAMA is saying and have responsed by putting OBAMA on the theshold of victory. Shame on you Lou Dobbs and others for trying to sway the Popular vote of the American people! We are smarter than you are and we see through your fear of the truth which OBAMA speaks to ALL of Americans! And once we get a new president in OBAMA we need to get a NEW mainstream media ! Shame on you Lou Dobbs & others! Fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me.... this time it ain't gonna happen....Shame on you Lou Dobbs & others!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OBAMA Speaks on Race & Religion

Thank God for Obama !
Just finished reading Obama’s speech on Race & Religion
I am even more looking forward to hearing this great speech of his on the air. Obama’s vision for bringing unity out of the ashes of division is just the type of leadership and statesmanship that is needed in our country more than at any other time in our history! We should all be proud and pray for Obama’s leadership,which is capable of rising above the muck and mire of race diversion and staying focused on the real issues that divide that our country such as the war in Iraq and the ecpnomy.
I am thankful that God has given Senator Obama this platform to address our nation, and that what the enemy meant for evil God meant it for good. Good for our country, good for the world and good for our political system. I pray that we as country will become even more unified and that the hopes and dreams of America will finally be realized. Obama sees the greatness of our nation more than the bitter in fighting and he embraces the higher ground that God is calling us to! Also I thank God that Obama’s speech has cause me to resurrect my blog and let my voice be heard and that there are millions of others like me who will let their voices be stirred by Obama to fulfill the destiny of America, to right our people as one nation and that God will heal the land!